Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette

The Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette is (still) my favorite all-around/multi-task palette. It’s difficult for me to set this aside when I need to rotate my makeup, which I do weekly.

The palette was released in part of Laura Mercier’s holiday collection last year. I fell in love with it at first sight, but I didn’t buy it right away. I tried hard to be a “wise consumer” by sleeping it off. Maybe I was just taken by how pretty it is. Then when I went on a vacation, I couldn’t stop thinking about it to the point I had to contact the SA for a reservation while still out of the country. 😂

Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette 20181212_225729

Laura Mercier Stardust Radiant Glow Palette 20181212_225813

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Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

I mentioned in our November-December beauty favorites that the Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder is the best affordable setting powder.

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

The plastic compact feels slightly sturdy and light. Easy to slip in a purse or vanity kit for touch-ups, but a separate puff or dense powder brush is still needed. The latter works better btw.

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Maybelline White Super Fresh

I find myself lucky because whenever I run out of any beauty stuff it’s mostly when there are promos. There was also the ‘beauty emergency’ I had and Maybelline was also on sale then. They seem to have a year-round sale. XD;

Some three months ago, my L’Oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder has hit pan at last. It wasn’t working well for me anymore either. Even my foundation. My skin has become oilier, which is still a mystery to me but that would be another story. Anyway, I can’t be without powder really, so it was right timing when Maybelline had another sale. Although what I bought wasn’t really at promo price, but still preeeeeetty cheap. It’s the Maybelline White Super Fresh — Claimed as “the no touch up powder foundation” and promises a 12-hour fresh and matte face.

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L’Oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder

I wanted to do nothing (like laze around at home) during the long holiday thanks to Bonifacio Day, but I had to make changes with my personal domain/blog and other sites associated with its hosting. Until now I’m working on it. So, yeah, more delay in my posts here. I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend though. 🙂

Today’s review will be the L’Oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder — One of my L’Oreal sale buys around summer this year. The shade I have is Vanilla Ivory. I’ve actually hit the pan, but there’s still left enough to last me with everyday use until the end of the month.

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L’Oreal buys and gifts from my Mom

I told myself I wouldn’t be buying until I review a lot of my unused products or until I have a bunch of empties. But sales like L’Oreal’s are hard to resist and I needed a new foundation… As if I’ll end up with getting only a foundation. 😛

L'Oreal Buys 2015
L to R: True Match Super-Blendable Make-up in Sun Beige (PhP899600), Mat Magique All-in-One in Vanilla Glory (PhP499400)

, Colour Riche Lipsticks (PhP625400)

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Paul & Joe and Ornamental Pressed Powder Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And late Christmas greetings to you pretty ladies! And maybe gents if there are some who accidentally stumbled upon this humble site. 🙂

I skipped all the Christmas/Holiday sets last year because of my very tight budget. Also, I still have lots of makeup that have yet to be used. There was also that trip last month where I had to save up for too. But those didn’t really keep me from buying at all. I bought some Paul & Joe cosmetics. There’s a (yearly) pop-up store near my workplace and they sold Paul & Joe really cheap amongst a vast selection of perfumes and eau de toilette.

I forgot where I put the mirror. (¯―¯٥)

I got a matte foundation, eyeshadows, a mirror, concealer, sample foundation (supposedly for my trip but ended up not using), lip glosses, and pressed face powder. This is the first time I’m to use Paul & Joe makeup. The first that I used among these is the Paul & Joe Ornamental Pressed Powder for alternate use with Laura Mercier Loose Powder because I love that, it’s my HG face powder, and I just don’t want to use it up quickly. 😛

Very pretty gold case with embossed flowers

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theBalm Sexy Mama, anti-shine translucent powder

theBalm Sexy Mama 001v2
theBalm Sexy Mama — Anti-Shine Translucent Powder

I got really curious about theBalm because of the adorable pinup-ish designs and the witty names of their products. That Meet Matt(e) Nude® is just hilarious! XD With the good reviews I’ve read of theBalm, especially of their affordable blushes, I thought of trying them out. I was very much out of powder after a long time, so I decided on getting their one and only translucent powder. After initial canvass of choices from my usual brands, this came on top of my list.

theBalm Sexy Mama 002

Solely for its price of PhP775! 😀

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Recent buys: theBalm’s Sexy Mama and Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit

I already splurged a lot from last Christmas and early this year when I was in the US (because: Sephora). Since then, I always reminded myself I will not buy any cosmetics until this year ends, but there were a few that I needed. About two weeks ago, I purchased this pressed powder from theBalm because my Clinique powder was running out.

theBalm Sexy Mama 001v2

A purchase I don’t regret. And yesterday I bought this Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit:

Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Kit v2

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Clinique Gentle Light Powder – Glow 03

Clinique Gentle Light Powder - Glow 03v2

As you see, my Clinique Gentle Light Powder – Glow 03 is only a sample. Surprisingly, it’s been past three months since I started using it and I still haven’t emptied that little jar. This is so convenient to bring. It gave me an idea when I get a huge jar of loose powder although it might get messy when I transfer.

Anyway, the powder has very fine shimmers and gives a natural, healthy-looking glow. I would not have noticed the shimmers if I had not looked at my face closely in the mirror. It worried me that I might look too made up or my face would become washout in pictures, but none of that happened. Glow 03 is a match with my face.

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