My “firsts” from NARS, Laura Mercier, and MAC

Glad to see Joiz has blogged! w00t! LOL~ Well, we have been busy. 😛 My backlog in this blog has not lessened even a bit with what frequency of my posting. There are just some that have most of my attention. Anyway, enough (again) of the excuse for not blogging for weeks(!). This is no review. Instead, I’ll be showing my firsts from the following — Laura Mercier, NARS, and MAC. 🙂 Some of you may be surprised why I only got a MAC product at this time. Considering those three products, MAC is most likely the popular one. It’s like expected of a makeup/beauty enthusiast to have one in their stash. You know I told myself I’ll never have a MAC product nor own one. I have reasons for keeping away from MAC for so long. ^^;;; But that has changed after reading beauty blogs with almost endless reviews of many MAC products and the discovery of an irresistible red which you’ll find out what in a bit.

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