New beauty buys!

Good morning, ladies! It’s hump day. I’m excited for the paydayweekend in a couple of days and to watch Captain America: Civil War tonight. 馃榾 I’m also excited to show you my beauty buys. Hihi~

The past few weeks I did some beauty and skin care shopping, which isn’t impulse really because most of them I do need — I need more makeup to review for Glam Love. (LOLOL! Justify pa!)

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Cosmetics and toiletries for travel

Did some traveling this year and I thought I would share what I put in my cosmetics and toiletries bag.

I usually use the Clinique cosmetics bag I got for free from their offer last year. It forces me to bring only what I can fit in. The pocket fits my cosmetics while the big compartment is where my toiletries go. I like to get samples or travel-size products because they save me time from having to transfer to small containers, saves bag space, and I can hand-carry if needed. I bring what’s only essential because I want to keep my luggage within the ‘free baggage allowance.’

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FOTD: Day of Valor Holiday

The FOTD or makeup is irrelevant to the holiday. I just used that for the title because I went out on that holiday to hang out and magpalamig with Kat. We made some discovery that day — Uniqlo and Claire’s are opening in Glorietta 5 soon. We went OMGOMGOGMOGMOGMOGMOGMGOMGOMG when we saw the huge Uniqlo tarpaulin in the near-empty mall.

Anyway, this was my makeup. Very demure. LOLOL The colors for my eyes are colors of spring — Green and yellow with a little brown which reminds me of sunflowers as many as that in the Big Fish movie. ♥

FOTD 2013-0409 003v2

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Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Medium Deep

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation

Last April, I shared here the mess that was my desk and one product I mentioned to have bought was the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation.

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation Medium Deep
“Pure, lightweight, loose powder mineral foundation that is good for your skin and wears for up to 16 hours.”

I usually use liquid foundation but since our summers can get very hot and it gets just too heavy and sweaty to wear liquid foundation on a regular basis, I wanted to switch back to powder foundation. Then there was my long standing curiosity to use mineral make-up. I was on a moderate budget so the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation seemed to fit the bill.

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Zombified me

Belated Halloween, kiddies! How was yours? Mine was fantastic and I spent most of it as a zombie.

This was pre-bloody me
All bloodied up
I believe I was the freakiest zombie during the walk

Shabby wanted me to make a tutorial on how to achieve this zombie effect. Well I’ll try.

As my base, I used Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream to even out my skintone. Then I used Kokuryu, a greenish pancake foundation to make me pale (when applied on skin, it becomes white with light green undertone). Unfortunately, I think Kokuryu has folded up. *shrugs*

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Lancome Bronze Riviera Collection

This is Lancome’s Summer 2010 Collection — Bronze Riviera. I forgot I had this in the drafts and only remembered after reading Musings of a Muse’s review of the collection. ^^;;; So this is late since summer’s over. The folks from the Philippines would know that the rainy season has already started.

Lancome Bronze Riviera Collection
All Over Magic Bronzing Brush ($33.00), Ageless Minerale Blush ($29.50),
Tropiques Mineral Bamboo Bronzer Temptingly Bronze ($45.00),
and Ageless Minerale Blush ($34.00).

The eyeshadow palette:

Eyeshadow palette

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First week of March loot

Not that I intend to make a weekly makeup haul. XD; Anyway, I have been debating in my head over and over again whether I should get an eyeshadow palette I saw in a forum. The seller’s offer was cheaper than those listed in I was having second thoughts because I have a preorder of another eyeshadow palette. When i was able to confirm that my preorder won’t be arriving very soon, I decided on getting the palette from the forum. 馃檪

*excited excited*


Package's contents
Packages contents 馃榾

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Shabby and her pouch

Hello! The name’s Shabby and, if you know me irl, you would be surprised why I’m part of a beauty blog. 馃槢 I’m into Gundam, photography, cameras, cars, figures (Revoltech) — most of what boys would be interested in. Very, very few knows I’m also into makeups. Specifically eye makeups, lip glosses, and lipsticks.

I have been figuring out what would be my first post here until I came across What’s in Your Makeup Bag?. The group gave me an idea, so I decided to organize my pouch and take pictures of what’s inside. I try not to bring too much around. These are pretty much what I usually need since the office is only where I often go to anyway.

Inside the pouch
Inside the pouch

They are — wet wipes, small Tamagotchi tin, 2 lipsticks, lip conditioner, eye mascara, lip gloss, lip balm, 2-in-1 bronze and blush, powder, anti-bacterial hand gel, hair clip, and eye shadows. The Tamagotchi tin contains safety pins, medicines, and earrings. Let’s take a closer look at some.

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