Missha Soft-Opening at Greenhills

Good news, Missha fans! In case you don’t know yet, Missha will have a soft-opening at V-Mall inside Cinderella.

At least this is good for Missha lovers near the Greenhills shopping area. 馃檪

I just found out, even as a Missha user since years ago, Boa was their spokesmodel. Yeah, I’m one of those easily influenced when a favorite celebrity becomes a spokesperson for a beauty brand. XD;

Boa for Missha S/S 2013
Boa for Missha S/S 2013

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FOTD: Here’s another office makeup look

FOTD 2014-0302 001v2

Here’s another (easy) office/work make-up look. For this, I use mostly those from the Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Wardrobe Dual Decker Colour for Eyes & Cheeks which I have been happily using ever since I purchased it. Total Laura Mercier convert now that I already have a couple in mind for my next purchase from them. 馃榾

FOTD 2014-0302 002v2


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Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation No. 23

I received this Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation along with my Missha Moist Foundation in Warm30.

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 001v2

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 002v2

No. 23 is medium tan as you see below. This may seem it is for brown or tanned ladies, but I am medium-fair and I am able to use this because it becomes lighter/fairer when further applied on the face until it becomes translucent.

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 004v2

Missha Deep Sea Water Aquarism Foundation 005v2
That much goes a long way, see?
It has yellow undertones, so it should work for those warm and neutral.

For me, this foundation:

  • Leaves a translucent and dewy finish

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Missha Moist Foundation in Warm30

I’m going to challenge myself to write at least ten posts this week excluding this one. *crosses fingers* XD Anyway, on to my Missha Moist Foundation review.

Missha Moist Foundation 001v2

I got my tube of Missha Moist Foundation from my mum who got it from a convention. This was a giveaway included with the Missha Finish Pressed Powder and several others that I will be reviewing someday. LOL

Missha Moist Foundation 002v2

Missha Moist Foundation 003v2

In the picture above, that’s the actual color of the foundation. It looks like it’s for tan skin. But because it is translucent, it has a natural finish that is quite near to my skin tone except it gives a bit of shine. See below:

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FOTD: Sunday hang-out with the brother

My brother was bored last Sunday, so he invited me to go to the mall with him. Because I was so busy with online stuff I wanted to get done as well as work out, I was left with little time to prepare. Here’s a look I came up with:

FOTD 2012-0226 004


FOTD 2012-0226 003v2


  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer in Medium 03

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Missha Finish Pressed Powder

Hi all! I apologize for not updating here lately. I went on a trip last month and haven’t gotten around to go through the beauty products I got then. Even those before the trip. 馃槢 Anyway, I’ll eventually get to them. Here’s my review of the Missha Finish Pressed Powder that I got from my Mum. She gave it to me with some eyeshadows and two liquid foundations still from the same brand. She said someone gave them away during their Philippine Dental Association Convention. Missha is actually the first Korean beauty brand I got.

Missha Finish Pressed Powder 001v2

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ToyCon FOTD with Estee Lauder Berry Ice

I had a ToyCon FOTD draft, but decided against on posting it. The makeup was too light then (or the pictures came out that way), so it seemed pointless to post makeup that’s not too obvious or hardly visible. I deleted the pictures yet I couldn’t take not posting an FOTD. So last night I came out with this look:

LOTD 2011-0629 001
Excuse the messy hair


  • Missha Moist Foundation
  • Maybelline Yellow Corrector
  • Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer


  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Rouge in Nectarine

LOTD 2011-0629 002

LOTD 2011-0629 003


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