Skin and hair care buys in August

My buys from last August.

Beauty Buys 2015-0809

I had to get the moisturizer and toner out of need. I was out of those. The hair serum is to see if it works because, if it does, it’ll be a good cheap alternative.

Hmm, I should have done a single post for all beauty products I bought since August. 😐 Oh well…

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Olay White Radiance does wonders!

Hello all! I apologize for not blogging for months. I was busy with, uhm, work and even social life. SOCIAL LIFE! LOL. I also went on a vacation last month until last week. Now I got more stuff I wanna show and review. 🙂

I haven’t gotten around to editing pics of my new purchases and those I bought before that are still on pending review. But here’s a review of Olay White Radiance that I have emptied out ages ago (picture was also taken ages ago LOL). My Mom gave me a jar… For a reason — She said I looked terrible! Well, I was at my most low at the time that I let myself go for a while. Zombies probably looked better than I did.

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Free Olay Anti-Ageing Solutions from BPI and more make-up!

Olay From BPI v2
Olay Anti-Ageing Solutions

I received a package from BPI last week and it was the Olay Anti-Ageing Solutions containing the Total Effects 7-in-One Day Cream and an Anti-Ageing Moisturizing Bar. This is free when you make a purchase with a minimum amount of PhP1500 using your BPI EPS. Remember my Estee Lauder purchase? I paid part of the total amount using BPI EPS, so I was able to get this. I was notified that the Olay Anti-Ageing Solutions will be sent a week or two after, but it arrived on my doorstep in less than five days I believe. If you made any purchase lately using your BPI EPS, don’t forget to claim this. 🙂 More details are available here —

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Last weekend’s purchases and where to find Mosbeau

It took me until this weekend to get this post up. ^^;;; Sorry! I wouldn’t have been procrastinating if it weren’t for my sudden ‘problem.’ ~_~

Olay - Natural White
Olay – Natural White

What I really use is Olay’s White Radiance which I got from my Mum. She gave it to me after my breakup late last year. 😛 I’m about to hit the bottom of the jar, so I went out to look for another. I found it odd that I couldn’t find one. Then my Mum told me that she purchased it in the US. Now I hope this Natural White is as effective as White Radiance. Reviews for both to come. 😀

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