Apple green nails

After months, I got to have a foot spa, manicure, and pedicure.

Apple green
Orly’s Apple Green

Manicures always feel strange to me every time since I rarely get to have my nails done. You know, being a guitarist or bassist. BWAHAHAHAH~ XDDD Even my toenails are of the same color. I had my me-time btw at Let’s Face It in Glorietta 3. 馃檪

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Green and blue nails

I haven’t pampered my feet and hands for quite a while, so last week I decided to have a foot spa, manicure, and pedicure.

Orly's Green with Envy
Orly’s Green with Envy

Orly's Blue Suede
Orly’s Blue Suede

Nail It! seemed to be the only nail salon in the mall that I could afford then. I made a 5:30PM appointment with their Glorietta 3 branch. When I arrived, the first thing they said to me was they were not doing services that night anymore. I was disappointed and furious. I then remembered Let’s Face It! has feet and hands services too. There was only PhP10 difference between the services I wanted from both salons. No biggie. I actually think it was best I went somewhere else. Nail It! seemed disorganized and the smell of nail polish in their salon was too strong.

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