My Nivea summer essentials

It should be the rainy season now, yet we still do have days with scorching heat. I hope this could still be of reference for you all concerned with getting an ugly tan or. XD

Over the later part of the supposedly summer season (the weather is confusing really), I finally decided to purchase two body lotions for whitening and protection of my skin.

Summer Essentials 20140521_092902

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Angel & Placenta White

A glimpse of Angel at her MOSBEAUtiful

Several weeks ago, I met up with Lans (PR/Creatives of Mosbeau) and Steff (Sales & Internet marketing of Mosbeau) at UCC Greenbelt to catch up with each other after the Mosbeau bloggers’ event last April. In between snacks and talks about shopping at Zara (and the coaxing to buy an Eraserheads boxset), Lans and Steff informed me that Mosbeau will finally be releasing a TV commercial for the Philippines to promote their products. They shared the press release revolving around the commercial and some photos from behind the scenes.

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Mosbeau whitening products

I blogged about my Monday adventure that includes the Mosbeau event here. I won’t be discussing about the event itself here anymore since Karen has already filled you in on the details. 🙂 Joiz and I would be the guinea pigs of the Mosbeau whitening products. I only got to open last Friday the documentations and freebies Mosbeau gave.

Fliers and documentations
Documentations and CD

I have yet to read those. 😛 These are the freebies:

Whitening products

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Mosbeau, the latest in skin whitening treatments

Last week, Mitch Velete messaged me on Twitter inviting me to a skincare launch. I said I will go and asked if I can take Joiz and Shabby with me. She said I can so I told the ladies about it. Mitch even asked me to invite other bloggers and since I don’t have many connections to other bloggers, I decided to seek Sophie‘s help and she did. Thanks, Sophie!

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