What’s in my skin care kit? — US Trip 2017

This post was supposed to be published one week into my vacation, but my brain cells and eyes wouldn’t cooperate whenever I return to the hotel. Each day was just exhausting. Now it’s been a week since I returned to the PH and… I really should publish this already. Also, WordPress for iOS is shitty. Media uploads don’t work 99% of the fucking time!

Anyway, I brought the skincare I only need, which is still everything that’s part of my morning and evening routines. 馃槅 Except, most are from different brands and not my usual or go-to.

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New beauty buys!

Good morning, ladies! It’s hump day. I’m excited for the paydayweekend in a couple of days and to watch Captain America: Civil War tonight. 馃榾 I’m also excited to show you my beauty buys. Hihi~

The past few weeks I did some beauty and skin care shopping, which isn’t impulse really because most of them I do need — I need more makeup to review for Glam Love. (LOLOL! Justify pa!)

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Time to clean out the dresser — part 1?

As I have been busy with my personal blog, I ended up neglecting this blog for more than a month. How many times have I done this? Eep~ Oh well, I got no new purchases lately anyway as I told myself I will not buy until I review at least all my beauty products purchases from my US vacation. But I just bought a brush guard yesterday. Essential for the care of brushes, you know, though I am a bit late as some of those I use/d already look bad.

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Estee Lauder’s Youth Infusing Essentials

Early this year I changed my skin care products with Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Essentials. The Essentials include:

  • Perfectly Clean, a facial wash
  • Advanced Night Repair, the much talked about serum which reduces visible signs of aging
  • Hydrationist, moisturizer that also reduces signs of aging and provides all day hydration to your face
  • And, Advanced Night Repair Eye, helps reduce signs of aging on the sensitive skin around your eyes

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Review: Clarins Lait Demaquillant Velours (Cleansing Milk)


My search for a makeup remover led me to the Clarins counter. I’ve tried the Lait Demaquillant Velours before but the maid broke the bottle I bought. It’s only a few days ago that I replaced it. I bought a bottle of Benefit Gee That Was Quick Makeup Remover when I was in Singapore but I stored it in my carry-all so the airport lady confiscated it. What a waste of money *tears*

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