FOTN: Green and Blue Mushroom

The Glam Love ladies had Japanese dinner last night. I went with a light green, light blue, and pink look inspired by a mushroom art in the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette.

FOTN 2012-0225 001


The BB cream and concealers have been applied hours before that’s why I don’t look that _fresh_. I doubt I would anyway since it was a very warm day. Summer, why you so early!? =_=

FOTN 2012-0225 002


  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer in Medium 03

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FOTD 2012 February 11

I found out not too long ago that my brother changed the settings of my camera that’s why most of my FOTDs and FOTNs were either grainy or blurry. Lesson learned — Double-check settings of camera before taking pictures. Stupid of me not to think of that when I wondered all the time why the quality of the pictures didn’t look too well. Oh, since I browsed through previous FOTDs and FOTNs, I realized how I _slightly_ got better in makeup application.

Moving on to the point of this post…

FOTD 2012-0211 001
FOTD last Saturday, February 11

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Urban Decay Spring 2012 Collection

Urban Decay’s releases this spring are permanent, so I guess there’s no need to rush when you want some, if not all, of these. 馃檪

24/7 Concealer Pencil in CIA, DEA, FBI, NSA, ATF, DOD, KGB, M16

The last four are their new shades. They’re shades for the brown and tan skin. I may need one of those especially after beach fun times. 馃槢

Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Apocalypse

Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Lovechild

Love Child is a pale baby pink. I like the color and I usually like that shade, but I think I can find a lot of dupes of it.

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FOTN: Green for Soiree Beaujolais

I enjoyed another night of free-flowing wines, tuna, salmon, cheeses and charcuteries from France at the Soiree Beaujolais held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza last November 17, 2011. As usual, I went in an all-white dress. I decided to play with green for my eye makeup.

FOTN 2011-1117 001

Because I have to temporarily relocate and I didn’t bring all my things, I have limited jewelry to wear for the night. Then again, I’d rather look ‘simple and innocent’ with my ‘virgin dress.’ XD; That’s what I call all my white dresses. LOL


  • Etude House BB Cream

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ToyCon FOTD with Estee Lauder Berry Ice

I had a ToyCon FOTD draft, but decided against on posting it. The makeup was too light then (or the pictures came out that way), so it seemed pointless to post makeup that’s not too obvious or hardly visible. I deleted the pictures yet I couldn’t take not posting an FOTD. So last night I came out with this look:

LOTD 2011-0629 001
Excuse the messy hair


  • Missha Moist Foundation
  • Maybelline Yellow Corrector
  • Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer


  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Rouge in Nectarine

LOTD 2011-0629 002

LOTD 2011-0629 003


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I scheduled today to go to PRC to get a Certificate of Board Rating. Pictures were taken after I got home, so my makeup is mixed with all the pollution from Manila. LOL

FOTD 2011-0608 001
Not looking ‘fresh’ anymore


  • Etude House’s BB Magic Cream
  • Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer

FOTD 2011-0608 002

FOTD 2011-0608 003


  • Urban Decay Sin (lid)
  • Urban Decay Chopper (half inner lashline)
  • Urban Decay Smog (half outer lashline)
  • Urban Decay Oil Slick (outer “v” and crease)
  • Urban Decay Polyester Bride (highlight)
  • Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

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Urban Decay Summer 2011

I think I’m late to post this. ^^;; Here are Urban Decay’s releases this summer:

Baked Bronzer
Baked Bronzer ($26)

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer
Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 ($30)

Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($19)

Lip Love
Lip Love ($16)

Rollergirl Nail Kit
Rollergirl Nail Kit ($28)

Meltdown Makeup Remover
Meltdown Makeup Remover ($24)

Quincea帽era Makeup Bag Quincea帽era Makeup Bag
Quincea帽era Makeup Bag ($26)

I think I want the Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Perfect for the days I’m already late for work and I won’t have time to apply a primer AND eyeshadow. I feel naked without both. ^^;; The makeup bag looks cute too. I have a similar one, but it’s plain black and doesn’t look as spacious as this. But does this makeup bag have pockets for brushes?

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Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Ahaha~ It has been a while. I apologize, in behalf of Glam Love ladies, for slacking off terribly with our website. We had ourselves busy with other matters. I hope we can do better in updating this website this time around. I actually already have a list of blog topics in mind (which have been in mind since last year LOL). We might also have a surprise, so please keep checking Glam Love. 馃檪 For the meantime, watch this behind-the-scenes video of Urban Decay’s Spring 2011 photoshoot.

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FOTD: Sunday Baptism and date with Marsha look

The baptism of my cousin’s son was held in the early afternoon of December 12, 2010. I went in my dark purple blouse, so I chose colors that slightly matched it.

2010-1212 Look 004

(Pictures were taken with a flash. The make-up appears less pigmented or visible than it is in real life.)

2010-1212 Look 003

On my face:

  • Etude House BB Magic Cream
  • Missha Moist Foundation
  • Estee Lauder Smoothing Creme Concealer


  • Urban Decay’s Curiouser
  • Clinique’s Sugar Sugar
  • Clinique’s Faded Denim
  • Estee Lauder’s Lash XL mascara

Lastly, on the lips:

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Urban Decay’s 15-Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set

I only have two eye pencils from Urban Decay — Zero and Flipside. They came with the Alice in Wonderland BoS. I have only used Zero, so far, because I don’t think I can pull off Flipside. It’s a light blue colored shade. ^^;;; Even if I have only used one, I can say that the product is a must-have. I like it more than my Estee Lauder eye pencils. They easily glide on and doesn’t pull your eyelid. The staying power is good. It doesn’t smudge. I cried with it on and I didn’t look like a lost emo kid. XD; I would surely invest in another as well as their other dark-colored eye pencils. Because of my liking for them, I just have to make a post on their soon-to-be-released 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils 15 Year Anniversary Collection.

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