TFS Glamax Mascara

I bought this Glamax Mascara in Power Volume for my everyday use from The Face Shop (TFS) months ago. Damage was about PhP600-PhP700 although the original price should be around PhP800.

Glamax Mascara 2 001

This is the second mascara I bought from TFS and is my last mascara purchase from them.

Glamax Mascara 2 002

Glamax Mascara 2 003
Looks kind of clumpy

I liked it at first. In just one or two applications, I see the volume that I want. Only the fallout irked me. Now, as you may notice, it’s almost as if there’s none applied. I’m probably harsh on the product since I use it for months now. But I have other mascaras that I use, so it shouldn’t have dried so quickly.

Glamax Mascara 2 004
Only the left lashes (or of your right) have mascara

My other mascaras are still good to use as they aren’t dry and do not have an odd smell. They’re even “older” than the Glamax. I am disappointed that I have to scrap this already. I may still be able to use it, but it’s time consuming to apply and apply just to notice the volume.

Glamax Mascara 2 005
Excuse the messy bangs

I’ll be on a lookout again for another everyday use mascara. I’m thinking of either the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express or a Majolica Majorca. Suggestions please? I want my lashes to look like this:

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