That pretty Paul & Joe compact mirror and a notice on images

Paul & Joe Compact Mirror 002

Not only combs, I also need to have mirrors in all the bags I would use for the week, month, or season. Because I end up forgetting to bring my mirror whenever I switch bags, I decided to just use this already.

I had no intention yet of using this Paul & Joe compact mirror. Not until the other compact mirror I use is broken.

Paul & Joe Compact Mirror 003

Paul & Joe Compact Mirror 004

Isn’t the clam shell design cute? Those starfishes too. 😀 This was already priced at PhP125 when I bought it. The original price is PhP1250. Lucky! The li’l pretty mirror even comes in a pouch.

Paul & Joe Compact Mirror 001

Before I end this post, I’d like to inform our lovely readers that some of my posts may have broken images especially those embedded from Flickr. Currently, I’m uploading and backing up most of my photos. I may have accidentally deleted or lost photos in the process that’s why. If you encounter posts with broken image links, please leave a comment on those posts so I can fix them right away. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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