The Dove Showeroke… Last June! :P

Dove Showeroke 001

I remembered about this event while I was fixing things in my room and found the envelope they handed out the night of this event. My bad. ^^;;; Also, since Joiz was with me that night, she had the blogging duty for this on Glam Love. LOL ^^;;; Sorry!

Dove Showeroke 002
A really dark shot of the guests
(I got too lazy to Photoshop this properly)

This was probably the second event the Glam Love ladies were invited to. I could be wrong though. I think Karen passed the invitation to us since she couldn’t go. O_o

Dove Showeroke 004
First finalist to sing for the Dove Showeroke Challenge

Dove Go Fresh held their first Dove Showeroke event. Interested and aspiring singers were to upload a video of themselves having shower fun while holding Dove Go Fresh product/s. This ran from May 25, 2010 to June 17, 2010. The top 10 with the most likes and views were selected to sing for the final showdown at Strumm’s Jupiter in which we were invited to.

Dove Showeroke 005
Tracy Santuyo — sister of my HS batchmate
She’s a good singer!

Dove Showeroke 007

Dove Showeroke 009

Dove Showeroke 011

Dove Showeroke 013
Second half of finalists

Some of them were alright and some were great. Either way, they still made me feel insecure. I’m such a poser vocalist of my band after all. ROFL XD

There was a rockeoke after the contest proper. Anyone from the audience/guests can jam freely with the band.

Dove Showeroke 016

The night was made better by the open bar. Hrhr~

Dove Showeroke 015
Margarita for Joiz and Mojito for moi 😀

Dove Showeroke 018

I’m glad I was able to go in spite of my being in the dumps and the bad weather. The singing, company of a good friend, and mixed drinks somehow made my week then. 🙂

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