The search for lippies

The MAC Ruffian Collection was released last June 18, 2012 in North America. The collection includes three lipsticks and three manicures. One of the lipsticks caught my eye.

Ruffian Gold lipstick
Ruffian Gold lipstick

I wondered if it has huge gold specks, but it doesn’t. Here’s a swatch by the awesome Christine:

Ruffian Gold lip swatch
Photo credit: Temptalia

The shimmer reminds me of some of my lip glosses that have very fine glitters. This one has a lot though, so it’s noticeable even not up close. This is a frost finish btw. Frost finish lipsticks are pretty on the tube, but look horrible on me. I tried some and I looked sick. Maybe I have yet to discover one that does. 😐 BUT! I got no more second thoughts of purchasing after seeing Christine’s Ruffian Gold layered over the Ruffian Red. The Ruffian red looks sexier with the gold shimmer on it. Honestly, I never thought of layering lipstick over lipstick. Just gloss.

I fell in love with the gold more and more every time I looked at the swatches that I decided to check out the local MAC store even if I knew it wouldn’t be available. XD Obviously I had no luck. I may order online, but I told myself I won’t buy cosmetics without testing them first. Then I found out here that the collection shall be available internationally by September 2012. 😀 😀 😀 😀

I really had (and have) the urge to buy a lipstick. I decided to look for the lipsticks in my want list — Lancome Fuchsia Clutch and MAC “O”. I went on a search last Thursday night for both.

The Lancome stores don’t have Color Design (which Fuschia Clutch is under) anymore. I asked for a color similar to it, but they couldn’t give me one. Le sigh~ MAC “O”, on the other hand, is part of MAC’s permanent range so I knew it would be available except if it was bestselling then there’s the chance of it being out-of-stock. I originally really wanted the Oh Oh Oh lipstick from the MAC Me Over collection.

This is Oh Oh Oh. Isn’t it pretty?
Photo credit: Temptalia

That lipstick isn’t available anymore being that it’s limited edition. “O” is said to be similar to it that’s why I wanted that. Sadly, it looked bad on me. Le sigh~ I went home empty-handed. Oh well, I can still get the Lancome Fuchsia Clutch online. “O” is out of my want list. The Ruffian Gold is already in the list and I truly hope the collection reaches Philippine shores.

Maybe I should stop looking at beauty-related sites for now, so as to not to lengthen my lipstick wants. I discovered a couple more. ^^;;;

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