The Search for the Perfect Red Lips(tick): NARS Semi Matte Lipstick Review

Ah red… The symbol of fire, energy, passion and danger… I love this colour.

Although, I have always been hesitant about using bright red lipstick, mainly, in fear of looking like a clown. The trouble with my lips is that these babies already look full-shaped and I feel that highlighting them would only make my mouth bigger. Then there are just some people who automatically assume I’m off for another night of cavorting whenever I wear bright red lipstick. I can’t blame them, I exude sexy when I wear red… LOLJK!

But really, I find the colour very sensual and sexy, so I really wish I could pull it off all the time! I’m usually wearing nude shades or light pink and coral hues. Playing it safe, and because those colours go well with my outfits more often than not. I’ve tried a lot of red lipsticks in the past but it’s been either a hit or miss. Some reds make me look my skin darker, others make my lips crack, and then there are those that don’t fade too well (ring outline on your mouth, anyone?).

So here I am, in search of the really red lipstick that works for me. First stop: NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in “Jungle Red”

Rawr! Just the name of the shade signals how wild this colour is.

The lover gave this to me as a gift during our last out-of-town. A guy giving his girl cosmetics? I know what you’re thinking, and he’s not gay! I have been blatantly hinting about how I want to try this brand, and the gift was supposed to be a surprise but he got overwhelmed with the number of shades available and didn’t know what I liked so he ended up consulting me before he bought anything. So much for surprises. *shakes head*

NARS Semi Matte lipsticks are velvety and very pigmented that provides a full bodied look. It has a non-drying formula so even if your lips look matte, they are nourished. You might still want to keep a lip balm around just in case it does make your lips feel dry.

The line was considered “best overall lipstick” on Instyle’s 2011 Best Beauty Buys, with experts always praising this winner.

The creamy texture is “truly beyond compare,” says makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown, a fan of the line’s remarkable color spectrum. Loaded with pigment and antioxidants, it goes on smooth and fades evenly, never leaving behind a ring around the mouth. — Instyle

The packaging is sexy too. Plain black tube with the white logo on the lid. The whole tube has a matte texture which is why I keep this baby in its own velvet bag because I don’t want the other make up to gang up on it and leave a scratch on it. They can be bullies, you know. LOL

Ahem. Focusing back to Jungle Red, NARS describes it as the “Bright red from the 1950’s silver screen”. And rightly so, many have described the shade as a retro kind of red.

Swatch From NARS Cosmetic for Jungle Red

Jungle Red on my lips (apologies for my blotchy skin, ick)

It has pinkish, orange undertones and looks bright and warm on my lips. Tried wearing it during the night, the lover and my friends love it. I have tried wearing this colour to work and during the day, and I loved it. I just blot it in case it does look too radioactive for my whole attire. The lipstick lasts long for me, but it does transfer especially when I eat, or drink. I seldom see the need to reapply since the lips still have great color whether after watching while eating all throughout the movie, or after a few hours of walking and shopping.

Movie night with friends and wearing the perfect red lips[tick] (photo by @yhannieyhan)
NARS Jungle Red has been the perfect red for me so far. But the search doesn’t stop here just yet.


According to the website, NARS Semi Matte Lipstick costs US$ 24. I checked and it’s available locally in Rustan’s Makati (and probably all other Rustan’s?) for PhP 1,350.

  1. Niiiice… Im scared of red! Haha 😀 the most that i have are lip balms – Revlon’s just bitten kissable in Adore and Sleek pout polish in Scandal. But Im kind of intrigued with OCO lip tar in NSFW or Stalker 😀 haha 😀

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