theBalm Sexy Mama, anti-shine translucent powder

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theBalm Sexy Mama — Anti-Shine Translucent Powder

I got really curious about theBalm because of the adorable pinup-ish designs and the witty names of their products. That Meet Matt(e) Nude® is just hilarious! XD With the good reviews I’ve read of theBalm, especially of their affordable blushes, I thought of trying them out. I was very much out of powder after a long time, so I decided on getting their one and only translucent powder. After initial canvass of choices from my usual brands, this came on top of my list.

theBalm Sexy Mama 002

Solely for its price of PhP775! 😀

The powder is encased in thick cardboard that closes with a magnet. It has another cardboard sleeve to make sure the powder doesn’t accidentally open. Compared to the previous powders I used, this has only 0.25oz or 7.08g of powder. Even though, this has lasted me months.

theBalm Sexy Mama 003

Yes, I already emptied this one and I really like it that I would totally buy again. Besides its affordable price, this is great for travel because it’s small about the size of my palm, light, and not bulky at all. I would have expected the box to quickly show wear and tear and get easily dirty, but it didn’t.

theBalm Sexy Mama 004

This has kept my face almost oil-free for nearly five hours. I didn’t get any skin reaction too.

theBalm Sexy Mama 005
The powder is tad lighter irl.

theBalm Sexy Mama 006
Only with theBalm Sexy Mama and foundation (my lips look deadz without any tinted lip balm, gloss, or stick)

Its matte finish… I sort of like it and don’t. I prefer a bit of shimmer. That brightens up my look because I usually look like a zombie. LOL But matte is not so bad. I eventually got used it. 🙂

theBalm products are available in all Beauty Bar shops and online.

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