Time to clean out the dresser — part 1?

As I have been busy with my personal blog, I ended up neglecting this blog for more than a month. How many times have I done this? Eep~ Oh well, I got no new purchases lately anyway as I told myself I will not buy until I review at least all my beauty products purchases from my US vacation. But I just bought a brush guard yesterday. Essential for the care of brushes, you know, though I am a bit late as some of those I use/d already look bad.

So, I have been away from my room for more than a month now; staying elsewhere for the time being. Twice in my visits to my room, I went through my dresser and shelves for items I have to dispose of. Most are either skincare or beauty products. I meant to review some of them until I got lazy and already emptied them out.

Trash 2013-0528 001

Nivea Body Whitening Milk Repair — I ♥ this lotion because it is effective for me and results are fast. This was just a gift, so I’m not sure if this was bought locally. I have never seen this here or I could be looking at the wrong shops. Please to direct me if you know where to find this.
Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Warm Vanilla Sugar — Warm Vanilla Sugar, my favorite scent. I prefer their body creams over body lotions.
Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter — Quick solution for dry areas on my body especially on my feet. I have no idea if Clinique still has this.

Trash 2013-0528 005

Victoria’s Secret Silkening Body Splash in Pear Glace — I really have so much body spray and perfume that it takes me ‘almost forever’ to finish a bottle. Maybe some of you might think that this scent is old. XD; Anyway, if you know me well enough, you would be surprised I used and even finished this body spray. This smells too ‘womanly’ but I like how it’s not strong and the scent stays on long.
Bath & Body Works Body Splash in Warm Vanilla Sugar — I did say this is my favorite scent. 😛
Johnson’s Body Care 24-Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion — I ♥ the smell of this. I got this free with a Bayo dress purchase.

Trash 2013-0528 003

Sally Hansen’s Spa Creme Hair Removal Wand and Collagen and Vitamin E Lotion — Fast and painless way to remove facial hair.
Clinique Moisture Surge Extra — This is more effective for me than the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.
Bath & Body Works Pleasures Body Lotion in Pear Blossom –A classic scent from Bath & Body Works. It also took me so long to empty this out.

Trash 2013-0528 004

Estee Lauder Lash XL — I forgot that I have a lot of EL mascaras that I get from their sets. If I remember right, this did lengthen my lashes in justa couple of swipes.
Maybelline’s The Magnum Volum’Express — The popular drugstore mascara that does what it says. I would buy again if I don’t have so much mascaras right now. Then again, I would prefer to try other mascaras (including those also from Maybelline). 🙂
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion — Keeps _some_ of my eyeshadows from creasing. I have another tube, so I’ll make a review soon.

As long as the products don’t have a funky smell or look and feel weird, I don’t throw them away yet and use them. Some of these, especially the lotions and body sprays that still had a lot left, were used before I included them here. Do you empty your stuff out before disposing or when it seems that it has been with you for very long?

Definitely, there will be a next part to this post since I found more to dispose.

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