Venomous Villains Collection by MAC and Disney

I’m trying so hard to get rid of my writing slump. I’ve been days late to post this since the international release of the Venomous Villains Collection. Anyway, good luck to me as I try to get my lazy ass back to blogging. 😛 Oh, be warned that this post is graphic-heavy.

Disney villains

Disney villains

The cases alone of these beauty products will make you want them all.

This MAC makeup collection is based from the Disney villains — Cruella de Vil, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and the only male in the collection — Doctor Facilier. Most makeup enthusiasts are excited about this collection (including me and I’m not even a MAC fan), because this is a unique collection. Below are the character sets, starting with Cruella de Vil.

Cruela de Vil
Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians

Her set includes 2 lipsticks, 2 Lipglass, 3 eyeshadows, blush, powder, and eyeliner.

(Left to right) Lipsticks: Innocence, Beware! and Heartless; Lipglass: Devilishly Stylish and Wicked Ways; Eyeshadows: Sweet Joy, De-vil, and Carbon.

Blush: Darkly My Dear; Powder: Her Own Devices; and Eyeliner: Rapidblack


Innocence, Beware! — Beauty look

Heartless — Theatrical look

Lipsticks Lipglass
Heartless, Innocence, Beware!, Wicked Ways, and Devilishly Stylish

Sweet Joy De-Vil Carbon
Sweet Joy, De-Vil, Carbon

Darkly My Dear blush
Darkly My Dear blush

Her Own Devices
Her Own Devices powder

Next is the Evil Queen. Also known as the stepmom of Snow White:

Evil Queen
Evil Queen

(Left to right) Lipsticks: Toxic Tale and Sinister; Lipglass: Strange Potion and Hot House; Eyeshadows: Her Alter Image, Vile Violet, and Vainglorious

(Left to right) Blush: Bite of an Apple; Powder: Oh So Fair; Eyeliner

Lipglass Lipsticks
Hot House and Strange Potion Lipglass and Sinister and Toxic Tale lipsticks

Her Alter Image eyeshadow Vile Violet Vainglorious
Her Alter Image, Vile Violet, Vainglorious

Bite of an Apple
Bite of an Apple blush

Oh So Fair
Oh So Fair powder


Vile Violet
Vile Violet – Evil Queen Collection look

Evil Queen
Evil Queen – Evil Queen Inspired-Displayer Look

The most villainous-looking in this collection, imo, is Maleficent.


Her set includes two mineralized eyeshadow duo that I find really pretty.

Maleficent set
(Left to right) Lipsticks: Violetta and Dark Deed; Lipglass: Revenge is Sweet and Wrong Spell; Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo: She Who Dares and My Dark Magic

Maleficent set
(Left to right) Powder: Briar Rose; Nail lacquer: Bad Fairy, Mean and Green, and Formidable!

Lipsticks Lipglass
Dark Deed, Violetta, Revenge is Sweet, and Wrong Spell

Bad Fairy Mean and Green Formidable!
Bad Fairy, Mean and Green, and Formidable!

My Dark Magic She Who Dares
Eyeshadow duos — My Dark Magic and She Who Dares

Briar Rose powder
Briar Rose powder


Briar Rose - Maleficent Beauty Look
Briar Rose – Maleficent Beauty Look

Maleficent – Maleficent-Inspired Displayer Look

Lastly, Dr. Facilier who’s the antagonist in Princess and the Frog.

Dr. Facilier

Dr. Facilier set
(Left to right) Lipgelee: Resort Life; Pigment: Melon, Brash & Bold, and Push the Edge; Greasepaint Stick: French Quarter and Slick Black; Mascara: One Shade

Dr. Facilier set
(Left to right) Magically Cool Liquid Powder: Truth & Light and Cajun; I’m So Vain mirror

The Dr. Facilier set is mostly of “safe colors” that you can use for everyday-look. 🙂

Lipgelee I'm So Vain mirror
Resort Life Lipgelee and I’m So Vain mirror

Truth and Light Cajun
Truth & Light and Cajun

Greasepaint sticks
French Quarter and Slick Black

Melon pigment Push the Edge Brash and Bold
Melon, Push the Edge, and Brash and Bold pigments


Theatrical look
Push the Edge – Theatrical look

Tarnish – Beauty look

I like lipsticks and lipglosses a lot (although it doesn’t really show :P), so I’ve ignored everything else. I only want Heartless from the Cruella de Vil set and Dark Deed from the Maleficent set. Would you believe that I only want two from all that makeup!? LOL Though I’m tempted to get the duo eyeshadows. Pretty colors! *_*

The Venomous Villains Collection was launched last September 30 in the US and the international release was some time early this month. 🙂 I think this is already available in the local MAC stores/stalls. Let’s get our cash/credit cards out and start shopping. XD;

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