What’s in my skin care kit? — US Trip 2017

This post was supposed to be published one week into my vacation, but my brain cells and eyes wouldn’t cooperate whenever I return to the hotel. Each day was just exhausting. Now it’s been a week since I returned to the PH and… I really should publish this already. Also, WordPress for iOS is shitty. Media uploads don’t work 99% of the fucking time!

Anyway, I brought the skincare I only need, which is still everything that’s part of my morning and evening routines. 😆 Except, most are from different brands and not my usual or go-to.

1. BeautiControl Facial Spa Defend & Restore Moisture Creme with SPF20 — I used this thrice then went back to using the COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion. The moisture and SPF of the BeautiControl weren’t enough. I could use it if I just stay indoors.

This and the rest of BeautiControl products listed below were gifts to me from a relative. I thought the trip was the best time to try them out. Never did it cross cross my mind the possibility of skin irritation being them new to my skin. 😆

2. COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion — I can’t be without this. This keeps me from terrible breakouts especially when I’m near the time of the month and heals my pimples fast.

3. BeautiControl Facial Spa Clarifying Cleansing Lotion — This cleanser is my favorite, so far, among the other BeautiControl I have. It is able to remove excess makeup and dirt my wipes didn’t get. I am a little wary of it though because it lathers so much. Because it lathers so much, I only need a tiny bit of it. I’m sure the rest of the products I have will empty out way before this does.

4. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief

5. Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF50 PA++++ — Great sunscreen for under makeup! A thorough review will be up.

6. Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask — I could have brought an already-used lip balm that I can just dispose after, but my lips can’t be without this lip mask for more than two days tops. Since I bought this, I never worry about dry and peeling lips especially with very dry matte lip products.

7. BeautiControl Facial Spa Regenerating Tonic with PHAs — I read that Polyhydroxy acids or PHA is gentle than AHA or BHA, good for all skin types, moisturizes, and helps the skin penetrate the skincare applied after it. It worked actually, but I stopped using it because I decided I will use the BeautiControl products all at the same time and, as much as possible, not mixed with other brands.

8. Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes — The only travel-friendly makeup remover I have that can get all makeup off even waterproof mascara.

1. Leaders Pore-Scaling Black Aqua — This was supposed to be for my flight back to Manila, but got too lazy. Instead, I used the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief.

2. COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask — At first, I wasn’t impressed with this as I mentioned in our haul video, but I learned something that made it work and effective on my skin. I slather the mask all over my face and not rub or work it in the skin. I get youthful-looking and moisturized skin in the morning. I look like I get eight-hours of sleep, when I really don’t (like almost never, even). My skin gets super dry in the US, so I had to bring this with me. There weren’t much product left either that I emptied this the night before my return flight.

3. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser sample — This sample size was good for two uses. When I use up half of my supply of cleansers, I’ll definitely get a tube of this. It’s really gentle on the skin.

4. COSRX Galactomytes 95 Whitening Power Essence sample — I didn’t get to use this. ^^;;;

5. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Mousse sample — Truly foamy. That’s all I can say. 😛

Not in the photos is the Dr. Morita Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask – Rich Source of Youthful Renewal. I used it on the second leg of the flight to US. Since the total duration of the flight from Manila to US including the layover is around 31 hours, I really need to give my face some lovin’. 😆 The Dr. Morita mask is truly moisturizing. My face was in good condition for makeup reapplication as if I did a complete skincare routine. 🙂 Now where to look for the mask here? Halp please!

So that’s all for my morning and evening skincare routines during my vacation. Compared to other beauty bloggers and vloggers, my products are quite few. I even forgot to bring my eye cream, but I made do by putting on lots of moisturizer and hydration all over my face each night.

Hopefully this can make a good reference if you’re going on a vacation and, particularly, have an oily skin type but could get dehydrated or dry skin. Please share your skincare travel essentials and if you have recommendations. Oh, and where to get the Dr. Morita mask. 😉

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