Which beauty box should I subscribe for?

Some days ago, I caught up on my subscribed feeds and noticed several beauty bloggers avail of the ‘beauty boxes.’ I found out about it before it began rolling out, but I didn’t sign up for any because I was leery of what I was going to get. I guess I just didn’t want to take a risk. But I was a little envious as the lovely beauty bloggers are able to try various beauty brands, so I’m thinking of subscribing for one. I researched and found out these are available locally:

  • BDJBox — From the wonderful makers of Belle du Jour Planner, they came up with the beauty box to help cater Filipinas what skin care and cosmetics may possibly suit them. They also have an online shop for those who want to restock or if one missed a box. Right now they are, unfortunately, closed on accepting subscriptions. Boxes until February are filled up.
  • Glamourbox — They offer beauty products and even non-beauty of brands from United States, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Korea, and Malaysia. Glamourbox was created to offer the best beauty products for Filipinas. They also have an online shop.
  • Orangebox — They offer a decently-priced beauty box every month packed with beauty products which, honestly, I haven’t heard of before. They also have events and promos and an online shop.
  • SaladBox — SaladBox gives four or more deluxe product samples of both local and international beauty brands. Some of these brands are (some I like) — EOS, Hard Candy, Missha, Avon, Skin79, and Victoria’s Secret. Like the rest, they have an online shop.

Let me know if I missed anything. There’s a couple I want to subscribe to, but I’m open for recommendations. Please leave your thoughts below. 🙂

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