Zombified me

Belated Halloween, kiddies! How was yours? Mine was fantastic and I spent most of it as a zombie.

This was pre-bloody me
All bloodied up
I believe I was the freakiest zombie during the walk

Shabby wanted me to make a tutorial on how to achieve this zombie effect. Well I’ll try.

As my base, I used Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream to even out my skintone. Then I used Kokuryu, a greenish pancake foundation to make me pale (when applied on skin, it becomes white with light green undertone). Unfortunately, I think Kokuryu has folded up. *shrugs*

The green pancake in the middle is the type I used. I think the Japanese use it for Kabuki

I used dark colors around my eyes and didn’t put on any lipstick. It’s simple really.

As for the fake edible blood, I cooked the following ingredients:

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  1. I used to see Kokuryu in Landmark until they redesigned the ground floor. There are still who offer that green foundation although mostly in stick form.

    Anyway, that’s really an awesome job on the blood. *thumbs up*

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